Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 11 Letterkenny to Malin

The Mizen to Malin skate mission is complete! Al chomped through North Donegal's finest rolling hills to come in strong, even catching 53kmph on some very scenic downhills. Local skaters, family, friends and representatives from Muscular Dystrophy Ireland were on hand to give Al a warm welcome as he trudged through the final uphill struggle at Malin head. The opposite side of the country gave us the opposite weather conditions (despite the forecast) to the murky start in Mizen head as the sun split the stones on a fine Donegal day. Job very well done Mr. Collins, put the feet up!
Don't forget you can still donate to Al's charity of choice Muscular Dystrophy Ireland right here.


  1. Well done Al
    All here in Tenple St vERY PROUD OF YOUR EFFORT