Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 4- Killrush to Ballyvaughan

Day four was a big race against time- we started early to avoid the impending rain, and although Al covered over 30km of dry rocky road, the downpour eventually caught up with him. Nonetheless, Al trudges on through Lehinch, Lisdoonvarna and the tip of the Burren to cover a good 90 km in eventually sopping wet pot holed conditions. He even ecountered the dreaded corkscrew hill in horrible conditions and came away unscathed... a few rich tea biscuits in the gob and he was right as rain "roll on day fiiive"

1 comment:

  1. Bloody Hell! Averaging 90km a day on Irish roads and in Irish weather -on a skateboard??!!! What a legend!! Keep on rolling man - I'm off now to make a donation. Good luck!!